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More Bobwhite Quail Habitat Improvement Tips

Now for the hard work – bobwhite quail habitat improvement!  I just realized last week I’m going to need to spend more time on bobwhite quail habitat.  that I’m 5 years into my project to rebuild our wild populations of bobwhite quail and now is time to invest more in quail habitat.  Basically, I’m halfway […]

Quail Habitat Improvement

The 2013 bobwhite quail raising season is over.  I’ve made some great progress with my quail habitat improvements over the Summer.  I’ve also run into numerous issues with quail feeders during the season – time to do some more thinking and experimenting.  The quail hunting is picking up as I’m regularly kicking up 4 to […]

Fall Witchgrass

              Fall Witchgrass  

Texas Persimmon Trees

                            Texas Persimmon Tree  

Clearing Ashe/Western Juniper Trees

          Ashe Juniper Trees

Habitat Improvement for Quail Restoration to Raise Quail

Bobwhite quail habitat management and improvement is the most important aspect of running a surrogator to raise quail.  The Surrogator works like a charm if you follow the instructions and a few tips learned from those that have gone before you.  However, for a 6 week old bobwhite quail chick to survive to adulthood and […]

Water and Raising Texas Quail for Hunting

Water is important when you are raising Texas quail for hunting.  Quail use three types of water – ground water, dew and metabolic water.  Of the three, ground water is both the least and most important type of water.  In Texas, we’ve experienced one of history’s worst recorded droughts during 2010 and 2011.  In the […]

Bobwhite Quail Habitat Management – Two Leaved Senna

                  Bobwhite quail need seeds in their quail habitat to survive.  Habitat management is critical to retaining wild populations of bobwhite quail.  The identification, preservation and propagation of seed bearing perennials is one of the easiest and best habitat management practices you can implement. Two-Leaved Senna Dry, […]

Deer Pea Vetch for Quail Habitat

Deer Pea Vetch is an annual plant that grows close to the ground with long stems.  It seems to prefer areas where there is not a lot of competition for soil or sunlight.  It is also one of the first forbs we see bloom in the Spring.  It has lavender-bluish flower that are quite small.  […]

Antelope Horn Milkweed

Antelope Horn Milkweed

Milkweed, Quail Habitat Management and the Texas Drought The bobwhite quail released last year are beginning to nest and a good quail habitat management program is important.  I’m using this year to document as many natural, seed producing plants as possible to help develop a long term, sustainable, natural bobwhite quail habitat. It’s very dry […]